Cancer february 28 astrology

In this edition we have included foot reflexology charts as part of the health section. So many health problems could perhaps be avoided or alleviated if we understood which organs were most vulnerable and what we could do to protect them. Though there are many natural and drug-free ways to strengthen vulnerable organs, these charts show a valid way to proceed. The vulnerable organs for the year ahead are clearly marked in the charts. Try to pay special attention to the specific areas marked in the charts. If this is done diligently, health problems can be avoided. I consider you — the reader — my personal client.

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By studying your Solar Horoscope I gain an awareness of what is going on in your life — what you are feeling and striving for and the challenges you face. I then do my best to address these concerns. Consider this book the next best thing to having your own personal astrologer! It is my sincere hope that Your Personal Horoscope will enhance the quality of your life, make things easier, illuminate the way forward, banish obscurities and make you more aware of your personal connection to the universe.

Understood properly and used wisely, astrology is a great guide to knowing yourself, the people around you and the events in your life — but remember that what you do with these insights — the final result — is up to you. For thousands of years the movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies have intrigued the best minds of every generation. Life holds no greater challenge or joy than this: knowledge of ourselves and the universe we live in.

The Zodiac Signs and Astrology are one of the keys to this knowledge. Horoscopes help by giving a little hint about what the day is going to be like for you. So, go ahead and find out whether the odds are in your favour today. Prepare well to make a journey comfortable. This is a good time to buy property. A setback on the academic front cannot be ruled out for some. Excellent performance may catapult you to a position of prominence on the professional front.

Your resolve to get back into shape will start showing excellent results. A home remedy will come in handy for an ailment nagging some for long.

June 28 Zodiac is Cancer - Full Horoscope Personality

Those looking for accommodation will find a suitable one. Strong performance on the academic front is indicated. Some new exposures on the professional front are foreseen and will help open up your mind. Investing in a money-making scheme can make you laugh all the way to the bank!

You are likely to make some healthy choices to step firmly on the road to fitness.

Cancer Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

Those staying away may crave to meet their family. Some of you are set to acquire a new property or give an existing one on rent.

Cancer February Horoscope 2019

Things fall in place and make your path smoother on the academic front. Someone may surprise you by returning your loaned amount much before expectation. Be careful in what you do at work, for there will be many eager to report you to the higher ups. Good figure is assured for those desperate for it.

Someone in the family may express the desire to take up a specific professional line.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

Keeping a check on rivals on the academic front will be well worth it, if you want to survive the competition. Some anxious moments await those in the promotion zone, but the outcome promises to be positive. Excellent business opportunities are foreseen for those setting out on an overseas tour. Health remains good, as you manage to regulate your diet well. Home front may be buzzing with activity and result in general happiness.

Financial front will remain stable and new opportunities may knock at your door. Something that has been bugging you on the professional front is likely to get resolved. Good health will help counter workplace stress.

June 28th Element

Disappointments can be faced on the home front by some. Spending holidays overseas or at an exotic destination within the country is foreseen and will be lots of fun. Love Focus: Your love life gets a fresh lease, as you go about strengthening your romantic bonds.

An out of town leisure trip is possible for some and promises much excitement. A legal matter is likely to be decided in your favour. A property is likely to come into your name. Excellent profits are foreseen from a new undertaking or a venture. Cold shouldering somebody at work may create a sworn enemy, so maintain bonhomie with all. Health remains good as you get encouraged to resume physical activities. Love Focus: Your perpetually romantic mood will help keep the relationship aglow on the romantic front! Your academic aspirations may be met sooner than you expect.

You will need to convince superiors to accept your ideas on the professional front. An extra source of income may start to fill up your coffers soon. Good eating habits are likely to bring a sea change in your health. A family youngster is likely to make you proud. A vacation is likely to materialise and promises oodles of fun. Love Focus: Your efforts may not be good enough to make your romantic relationship blossom. Desire for change from the daily grind may motivate you for a short vacation.