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They usually relate best to Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Some negative character trades linked to this sign are weak-willingness, secrecy, vagueness and idealistic natures. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune.

The Water Signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

In Hindu astrology, signs are divided roughly equal to those of the general zodiac. Rather, the signs repeat themselves every twelve-year cycle. All signs are divided up between not four, but five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Water signs in Chinese astrology include pig, rat and ox. Water signs typically symbolize the north, and features include communication, intuition, sensitivity, and fear.

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    They can be highly empathetic, that is - aware of the emotions being experienced by another person or animal, even to the point of 'feeling' such emotions with that other. In common with other cardinal signs, such as capricorn , cancer 's cardinal characteristics may be seen in his or her striving to achieve ambitions.

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    Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces – The Wondrous Water Signs – Star Sign Style

    Keywords: Words used to describe those born under water signs typically include: Artistic associated with being dreamy and imaginative. Emotional , emotionally sensitive in both positive and negative respects. Skip to content. Water Signs in Vedic Astrology.


    Nov 4 Water sign people can take in the feelings of others and process them Water signs feel most fulfilled when they are helping others, and they do so in an nice, considerate and even romantic way. Related posts. Air Signs in Vedic Astrology November 1, Earth Signs in Vedic Astrology October 28, Fire Signs in Vedic Astrology October 27, The Vedic Signs October 21,