Monkey love horoscope today

The student Monkey has scholastic luck this month and should be on the lookout for a mentor who could offer beneficial advice or even open a door to a scholastic venture involving higher learning. Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks to enhance your love luck. Luck suffers from the double presence of the 5 Misfortune Star.

It can affect personal and business matters and caution is needed. If roadblocks or obstacles arise, this sum-of-ten will come into action to help overcome the matter.

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There will be possibilities for success, though on a minor level at the moment. Too much Earth energy is partly to blame, so to balance this, wear white, representing Metal energy. Avoid arguments at work and watch your actions and words because you could be misunderstood, even when your intentions are good. Even your health is a bit at risk now, so spend time pampering yourself. Because of tension, a love triangle is possible.

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Work hard to avoid this if you wish to keep your relationship intact. Relationships of all types — business and personal — get a positive boost from the presence of the 4 Peach Blossom Star. Your charming personality attracts attention and support, so get out there and network or socialize! You and your ideas are well received and a boss could take notice of you.

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Whether at work or enjoying a hobby or activity, energy and enthusiasm surround you and work in your favor. Money potential is likely, though the Monkey could view this point in life as a mental and spiritual experience rather than just financial.

Monkey Daily Horoscope Today

It still takes hard work but positive attention from a teacher could open a door to a scholastic boost in some way. Passion surrounds the Monkey now, with admirers all around who appreciate you not only physically but emotionally as well. A relationship that is begun this month has excellent potential, assuming that you are in the relationship with someone who shares your ideas and values and stimulates your mind.

The 3 Quarrelsome Star arrives, threatening legal issues, arguments and tension. Just when you think things have settled down, something upsets you or those around you. Watch your words and what you do because you could be misunderstood. The Southwest sector is most at risk, so protect it from loud noises of any kind, whether windchimes, loud music or television programs. The color red, worn as clothing or in accessories in the home, helps calm angry energy, as does placing a Gold Apple with Peace Symbol in the Southwest sector.

Be a team player if possible. More Feng Shui products to tame the 3 Quarrelsome Flying Star Family, friends and love are harmed by the tense energy now. If so, pursue your interests on your own for more peace. Married Monkeys must use caution when discussing things with a partner or a heated argument could arise. Mandarin Ducks are excellent Love luck enhancers. The 2 Illness Star threatens health problems and lowered energy for Monkeys this month.

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    I Ching. Feng Shui. The East. Speculative ventures and gambling are strictly prohibited. Even if you invest, you should do a lot of research and be selective. People who are dependent on brokerages and commissions in property or insurance are not assured of a steady income. Beware of investments which promise substantial returns. Overseas ventures will prove to be lucrative, and it makes sense to dabble in those projects.

    Travel for business purposes is likely to give handsome profits.

    Monkey Horoscope 12222: Chinese Animal Monkey Luck Predictions

    Health of Monkeys in the year will not pose any serious problems on the health front. There will be minor indispositions which can be taken care of by prompt medical assistance. These are fever and stomach problems. You are likely to feel tired easily, and this can be cured by taking sufficient rest. Particularly professionals and finance people may face some setbacks in their jobs. The only remedy is to relax by techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation. You can keep your body and mind in shape by resorting to community service, proper exercise and charity work.

    Even a leisure trip to a foreign country may help you to remain fit and fine. Lucky Numbers: 2 and 3.

    Money and career

    Lucky Colors: White, Black, Blue. Unlucky Colors: Red , Green. Lucky Directions: Southeast, West, Northwest. January will present you with many challenges and your luck is also bad. February wants you to remain peaceful. Time to improve your expertise. March is the time to grab all the chances you are presented. May will be a period of misfortunes. Wait for things to get resolved. June is the time for good luck and good days are ahead.