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Using your intuition instead of relying on established objectives or rigid procedures likely increases your productivity. Trust that you can zero in on a task that not only feels easy but is the right thing to do in the moment. Although it takes courage to deviate from an existing plan, the outcome may be surprising and quite satisfying. Raising your emotional IQ is as vital as boosting any other kind of intelligence. Some measure of your research may be more introspective and self-reflective now. But learning and practicing stress-busting techniques can help you successfully cope with tense moments.

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The more attuned you are to yourself, the more you can create harmony with others. You may be nostalgic for people and places from your past. Reflecting on your personal history, especially the regrettable parts, trains you to appreciate the preciousness of the present. Giving others more than you can wisely afford to give is a disservice to everyone involved. Your compassion is worthy of appreciation but you must be kind to yourself first.

No one who truly values you wants you to suffer too much hardship just to alleviate theirs.

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The bounds of your empathy begin and end with you. The watery Pisces Moon encourages you to leave plenty of time to find your flow, including claiming space to just chill when you can. Tell those who try to prod you to act on their behalf to back off and give you room to breathe. Forcing yourself into action is only helpful once you generate enough internal motivation. You score high marks for exuding confidence and creativity today. Obviously, you can do whatever you want to do without affectation, reproach, or self-doubt when you are simply able to be your authentic self. Use your natural charisma to encourage others to develop their skills and talents.

The more you cultivate goodwill and share your buoyancy, the quicker people are liable to initiate action on their own. Obtaining comfort and security might be your highest priority today. Taking time off from work is not to be underestimated or underappreciated. Relaxing with loved ones is revitalizing while the sentimental and soulful Pisces Moon sails through your 4th House of Roots. Although your key challenge could be fear of boredom, the art of doing nothing is a practice that releases you from any lofty purpose except to be in the present moment.

The point of the journey is the trip itself.


Eye-opening conversations with colleagues or neighbors build team spirit and strengthen community bonds. You both might realize you take for granted that everything is smoothly moving along. Try jointly committing to checking in more often on a schedule and stop leaving your encounters up to chance. You may yearn to be more free-floating with how you spend your money and in the manner in which you accomplish tasks now.

You might not care about being overly conscientious with budgeting or executing work goals. Avoid sinking into petty indulgences with your time and resources. Trust that your gut wants whatever helps you grow without fearful limits. A new direction or change of focus presents itself and you should go with your instincts on what to do with this opportunity. Lucky colour indigo. Virgo August 23 - September 22 You enjoy life's pleasures but you must keep your health and well-being to the fore at all times.

Try not to burn the candle at both ends or it could affect your stamina in the long term. It's alright to take the odd risk but keep your eye on the ball at the same time! A good time to put your best foot forward, make a new start and allow yourself the freedom to do what you want.

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Spare a word of encouragement for a friend who is in a negative place just now. Libra September 23 - October 22 Contact with someone new has a significant change on your life. At first you will notice small changes but as time goes on it will become more complex. It's up to yourself whether you want this to deepen or lessen up. It is important to put your own needs first no matter what you decide. A hint of envy reaches you from a least expected source but don't let it get to you.

Avail of a quick break to recharge your batteries. Lucky colour orange. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 There will be great opportunities for positive change but you must grab them with both hands.

Advice from a friend is not very positive and you must tactfully ease yourself out of their routine. Someone very vocal at work hasn't nearly as much to say on a one-to-one basis - always the sign of cowardice. You have been quite careful with money and you owe yourself a nice new purchase, be it large or small.

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A holiday friend makes contact out of the blue. Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 You have a very sensitive side, not obvious to many and you may need to be more vocal about what you want. A promise you made could be hard to keep if the timing is not right. Be prepared to give a colleague the benefit of the doubt, even if others don't agree with you.

If a well thought out plan fails to materialise, just alter direction a small bit and it can be re-jigged. Lucky colour green. Capricorn December 22 - January 19 An activitity you thought you disliked is beginning to appeal to you. Make sure you enjoy it if you want to do it more regularly. A friend has been casting doubts on an event you are planning for some time, but you musn't allow that to hold you back. If you scheme it properly you may even have them coming along and enjoying it after all!

Extra cash comes in handy eventhough it's not a big winfall. A long-standing relationship gets a little rocky. Aquarius January 20 - February 18 A leap into the unknown will pay off - you have nothing to lose and the rewards could be interesting.

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Some chances only come once so you would be wise to act quickly and don't drag your heels. However, you may want to use an opt-out clause from a decision you made in the recent past. Don't pass up on an invitation to a very unusual place, it could be an opportunity too good to miss.

Family squabbles should be put to the back of your mind.

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